We have officially moved!

Thank you all for your kind and generous support. Blue Frog therapies is now officially moved to our fabulous new centre at 38 Bootham and there will be some enticing photos to share soon!

It is with humble sadness that I share with you that in line with government recommendations the Blue Frog Therapy Centre had opened as planned on March 23rd, but we are unable to welcome clients in or take bookings at this time.

Shortly after the announcement by the government on Friday 20th March, a list of businesses asked to close was updated and included massage businesses and so we are Closing our fantastic new centre until the advice changes.

All existing bookings will be cancelled, any prepaid sessions can be refunded (please email if you would like a refund) and ongoing packages and vouchers will also be extended so that they can be used when we open.

If you would like to show your support you can make a donation here.


There will be a video tour too!

I really feel that there is a growing sense of community and connection as people show their willingness and openness to find a way to be together through this. Hope through the fog of uncertainty, connection through separation. We will get through this.

Managing the health crisis in March 2020 and beyond.




We appreciate that everyone is concerned about public health and so I wanted to let you know that I am watching the ongoing coronavirus situation closely, and if government advice changes then will act appropriately. In the meantime, Blue Frog Therapies will be open as usual and at the end of this week will be moving to our exciting new premises just 100 meters away at 38 Bootham, York.

Health and hygiene practices will be followed as always to protect and reassure each of you. Increases in disinfecting and raised levels of sterilising will be implemented in accordance with government recommendations.

We have the following recommendations:

Please keep abreast of current NHS and UK Gov’t recommendations.
Please do not come if you are unwell (this is always our advice) or if you have been told to self-isolate.
Please do not come if you have recently returned from travelling or live with someone who has been travelling in areas specified on the government website .
Please do not come if anyone in your household has any symptoms or if they have a confirmed case- advise is isolation for 14 days.
Current advice is that the very best thing you can do is wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap and water, so please arrive in time to do so before your session and or use hand sanitiser upon entering the centre.
Hand sanitiser is not particularly effective and is hard to get now, so we recommend that if you have your own, you carry it with you and use it. We will supply what we can in treatment rooms, by the entrance/exit and the waiting/relaxation area.

Cancellations: You will no longer be charged for short notice cancellations. If you have any symptoms or suspicion of contraction you can text, email or call (leaving a voicemail if necessary) at anytime before your session and no charge will be made.

Should you arrive and not be deemed ‘well’ enough for a session you will be charged in full and sent home.

Any ongoing prepaid packages will be extended to enable you to use at an appropriate date. Prepaid packages which have not begun and prepaid sessions can be refunded or extended in the same way.

And finally……. a new therapist is joining me (Ben), Allessandra will be available to book from April 1st and we are so excited to be opening the new premises and beginning the next chapter of Blue Frog Therapies

Big news for Blue Frog therapies




It’s official.  March 23rd sees the opening of the Blue Frog Therapy Centre. It’s been a year in the making and with the final touches being made I can finally announce the news. 

Blue frog therapy centre

***click here for information about how we are managing the March 2020 health crisis***

Most importantly I am not going far. In fact the new place is 38 bootham, once Garden of Eden florists and only around 100 metres from Millers Yard. 

Parking will be more straightforward than ever and you can still use the cycle lock in millers yard. Marygate car park will be the place of choice to park- not only is it less expensive than bootham row (radio York) but you only need pay on exit so staying longer than you intended couldn’t be more simple. Also the evening rate is reduced and there are many many spaces. You may have noticed that bootham row car park has undergone changes and has often no space and increasingly irate people trying to park.  

It’s a sad day to be leaving Millers Yard, Blue frogs home for 5 years but just wait to see what we have in store. 

The new place has three prepared treatment rooms (mine is still on the ground floor) complete with all the familiar comforts you will recognise.  There’s a relaxing and waiting area too and a ground floor bathroom. 

Instructions for parking will all be very clear on your confirmation email and your reminder email so you have no concerns before your first session. 

So whats new? Well…… I (Ben) have designed (not true i have had a lot of help from an amazing designer of Plaskitt and Plaskitt) the place from the ground up, creating a space that would be the kind of place I would visit could I choose to. There’s an area to relax, complete with relaxing chairs which offer you a little sanctuary after your session.  You can still take your time, chat with Me (or one of our new therapists) and drink your tea as you are used to but now you can also take your choice of tea with you from the treatment room if you like and enjoy some time relaxing before you go on your way into the world in a quiet and private space.  

There’s a weighted blanket for you too which is super relaxing. 

There’s filtered and chilled water to drink while you relax or wait for your session too. 

Theres a Vanity station with mirror and some accoutrements to assist your post treatment look and the whole area is softly lit, carefully warmed and soothed with music.  

Not just this, but there is more to come too. I shall keep that under wraps for now but suffice to say that there are other exciting things in development.


I will be introducing guest therapists as well as inviting some of my favourite therapists to join Blue frog. That means you’ll see some changes to the website and one or two new faces but you’ll always be able to book your preferred person so you can still make sure you see me, or always avoid me even!  The online payment system will be updated too to make it easier to pay ahead if you like, to get vouchers and pay for courses. There will be lots of new photos to see what’s new too. 

To add to the comfort and peace, the Blue frog therapy centre will include some other new comforts. The main door will be open to you and you alone.  You will use a 4 pin entry code to enter the building. Your booking confirmation, reminder email and your text will have this code so you can have it to hand whenever you have need of it.

So there it is. I’m really proud of the design work that has gone on and how the place has come together and i hope you will feel comfortable and share in how special it is.