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The Blue Frog Therapy Centre now has a growing team of self employed therapists offering a range of treatments and approaches. You can address your whole person with physical, talking and holistic therapies, hypnotherapy, facials, psychology and more.  

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Ben Taylor
Therapeutic, Holistic and Sports massage therapist/ Reiki / Relaxation / Immersive therapy / Meditation
Therapeutic, Holistic and Sports massage therapist
Therapeutic, Holistic and Sports massage therapist
Therapeutic, Holistic and Sports Massage therapist
Therapeutic, Holistic and Sports Massage therapist / Reflexologist / Facials
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Person-centred counsellor
Counsellor and Psychotherapist
Em Mckenzie
Person-Centred Creative Counsellor
Therapeutic, Holistic and Sports massage therapist / Reflexologist / Facials

Ben Taylor

“I regard myself as a mindful, considerate and capable practitioner, using my experiences of training and my travels around the world to create therapies and sessions individually tailored to ensure the most can be offered to each person, each visit.

I am dedicated to, and sincerely aim to help through the treatments I offer. As a professional therapist, member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, daily meditator and keen observer, I offer my time generously and deliberately so that each session ensures your comfort and confidence and will not take time from your therapy. I focus on individual care with a holistic approach to health.”

Tailored Massage in York City centre

Ben is from York and is a qualified, insured and experienced therapeutic massage therapist.  His first professional training, in 2007, was after lifelong experience of holistic and complementary therapies.  He studied hot stone therapy in New Zealand where he also practiced Chi Kung and was trained in the ‘rejuvenation’ therapy.  After further training Ben became self employed as a massage and holistic therapist in 2010 creating Blue Frog therapies in 2012.  He is a qualified Reiki practitioner, has certificates in Indian head massage, seated massage and has been meditating for 15 years.  He learned meditation throughout his travels around the world from different faiths, cultures and agendas.  Ben uses his experience to work with both the physical body to release tension and stress, and the non physical body for balance and integration of relaxation and mindfulness into everyday life.

In 2017 he received a diploma in sports massage therapy as part of his continuing professional development.

Since 2016 Blue frog therapies with Ben as practitioner has won multiple independent and reputable awards including the Luxury Travel Guide’s 2018 spa and wellness award as ‘Uk Urban Massage Salon of the year’.


I was born in Italy but l lived in different countries in the middle East with my family. Moving so often made me see how the world is an interesting place, full of possibilities. Growing up surrounded by people from everywhere, different religions and different approaches to life , it is definitely something l am thankful for and as an adult l kept travelling for fun and studying.

Years ago l started to study massage, just as a hobby, dedicating all my free time to it. l am passionate about it. l take people’s physical and emotional health very seriously and, if l could contribute to improve it, nothing would make me happier.

More recently I became a sports massage therapist and am studying onward to become a physiotherapist.

Humbled by how little I still know about physical, emotional and spiritual health, I still dedicate myself to learn more, acquire more knowledge and to be of service.

Through my own journey with health and well being I realised how our body had a strong impact on our mind. For me, this was a discovery, as l always considered my brain the only relevant part of me. I came to realise how physical pain , fatigue and discomfort can impact our life and mind, to the point of changing who we are. I learned that, in most cases, this process can be reversed.

I believe that holistic therapies, along with a healthy life style, help our body and mind to be in balance.

Massage is one of the many valuable tools to get rid of the extra emotional and physical burden.

I consider a massage to be a reset button.

I appreciate the remedial side of the therapy as an undeniable pain management technique. My aim is, in fact, to keep studying and researching to acquire new skills to help people to live a pain-free life. There is more than that to massage therapy: a good session could help your mind to get back to “the centre” and, in this place, you can heal.

Sometimes all we need is a break and we can take care of the rest.


I consider myself passionate about my career as it is the outcome of a long journey driven by curiosity. Through these I have learned the importance to humble my point of view to become a better listener. Massage to me is the perfect tool to express myself because it enables me to create a bond with people and to take care of them in the most beautiful and authentic way I could think of. 

During my upbringing in Italy I had the chance to study the astonishing work of Latin poets, experiencing how deeply their mind was connected with their body. 


Relaxing back and head massage

“mens sana in corpore sano”

(an healthy mind in an healthy body)

As a professional therapist my aim is to tailor my treatments to the client’s physical and psychological needs through the variety of tools and techniques I acquired from my studies, in the hope of positively and effectively contributing to their contentment and well being.

I’m profoundly convinced that holistic therapy is the perfect tool to tackle with your daily hidden threats, carefully rebalancing your body and mind.

My training began with Swedish massage and since, I have continued to develop my skills including sports massage and cupping therapy.

I believe that understanding how the body works is an important feature of an effective treatment and being able to implement the theoretical understanding. 

Combining my training, experience and active listening skills with different hands-on techniques is crucial to offer an effective and valuable session truly tailored to the client’s requests and needs. My interest for anatomy and physiology is currently leading me to further deepen my knowledge through more specialised courses.

I am humbled and excited to learn as much as I am able and to have the privilege to work towards people’s wellbeing.

Having experienced in first person how holistic treatments can practically help to alleviate your body and mind issues, I decided to became a  professional massage therapist. Having completed my qualification in sport massage and cupping in York, I offer dedicated  customer-tailored treatments, with the aim of taking care of my customers, listening and guiding them through their needs.




I am a dedicated massage therapist with a profound passion for rehabilitation and wellness, holding a BSc (Hons) in Sports and Exercise Therapy from York St John University.My journey into this field was deeply personal, stemming from a significant sports injury I sustained while on a tennis scholarship in Los Angeles. This experience not only introduced me to the transformative power of massage therapy but also ignited my enthusiasm for aiding others in their recovery. I am committed to using my skills to help clients achieve optimal health and performance through comprehensive, tailored treatment plans.


Charlie Kirk massage therapist
Treatment room On first floor of The Blue Frog Therapy Centre

At the core of my practice is a commitment to holistic health and a specialized focus on sports-related injuries. I view massage therapy as a gateway to a balanced lifestyle, integrating the restoration of body, mind, and spirit. My educational foundation in Sports and Exercise Therapy from York St John University has equipped me with a deep understanding of the athlete’s body and the unique challenges posed by sports injuries. My techniques are carefully tailored to not only alleviate pain and enhance functional mobility but also to promote a state of relaxation that benefits the whole person. I am devoted to guiding my clients through their healing journey, from acute injury care to long-term maintenance for a vibrant, active life.



I was born in Italy and began this career at the age of 18. Having an interest in face and body treatments even when i was young made me curious about how the human body can be put in a relaxed state and clearing the mind of anything negative.

I like to empathize and connect with people and make them feel better, this is why I love my job. Moving to the UK allowed me to discover new cultures and appreciate different mindsets. This opportunity will make me grow and I am very excited to be on this journey.

Alessia beauty and facials

I hope to help with my treatments, using sports and holistic massage for the body and with my treatments for relaxation and the skin

Having worked more recently in spas i have focused on beauty, facials and skin treatments.


Mobile: 07840428569

Fiona McKeand Clinical Hypnotherapist


An accredited member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and the General Hypnotherapy Register.

As a fully qualified hypnotherapist, I help people with a range of different conditions and I am committed to helping you gain insights and mobilise your inner resources to achieve optimum health and fulfillment. I use safe, tried and tested techniques to help you communicate with your subconscious mind and achieve lasting results. My approach is compassionate, friendly and informal.

Fantastic treatment room in York city centre
Peaceful lighting for your massage with Blue Frog therapies

My roots are in North Yorkshire, though I have spent more than half my life living abroad, most recently 20 years in Asia before settling in York in 2016.  This experience of living in a number of different countries has taught me that people essentially have very similar concerns, issues and needs regardless of where they are from.

Before training as a hypnotherapist, I was a teacher, working with people of all ages to help them develop the skills and confidence to create a bright future and realise their potential. However, I found that the necessary focus on basic pastoral care and academic success that my teaching work involved was not enough as I was increasingly seeing people weighed down by anxiety, stress, depression and chronic pain.

I decided to do what I could to help alleviate this and, based on my own experience of therapies and my deepening personal interest in the often astounding power of the mind, I looked around for what I believed would be the most effective way to help.

Hypnotherapy has a good deal of scientific backing and has been recognised by the British Medical Association since 1955 (and the American Medical Association since 1958) so I chose to study hypnotherapy. I completed my diploma training in Manchester in 2009 and returned to Hong Kong to begin my practice as a fully qualified, professional hypnotherapist.

I have found that my years working in education have reinforced my therapy skills; enabling me to bring this vision and wealth of teaching, coaching and guiding experience to my work as a hypnotherapist.  In addition, my teaching background has instilled in me a love of learning and a deep belief in the importance of continuing professional development. Since 2009 I have continually added to my formal training and understanding of the field of hypnotherapy, and I added Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) to my tool box in 2020. I am passionate about helping people and ensure that I engage in regular supervision and constantly update my skills-set so that I can better serve my clients.

I help people with a wide range of different conditions and I am committed to helping you gain insights and mobilise your inner resources to achieve optimum health and fulfillment. I use safe, tried and tested techniques to help you communicate with your subconscious mind and achieve lasting results. My approach is compassionate, friendly and informal, and tailored very much to individual needs.




Beth is currently on maternity and will return in the autumn




I’m a qualified person-centred counsellor registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I believe counselling is a healing process that can help you reconnect with the blueprint of who you are.

The way I work is to offer a safe, confidential and compassionate space to talk through what’s going on for you. I work to empower you, rather than giving advice and use a gentle approach which can sometimes include creative work as well. Together, we can look at what your emotions are trying to tell you and figure out what your values are and where you want to be. 


Beth kelsall counselling in york
Consultation area at Blue Frog therapy centre

I work with adults (of all ages) and have a variety of experience in working with issues such as depression, anxiety, loss, grief, stress, spirituality, relationships and more. 

Before working in counselling I was in PR, so I’m aware of the stresses that come with constant busyness and feeling overwhelmed. I’m a parent too, and so am equipped to work through the challenges that come along with that. 

I offer sessions at £45 for 50 minutes, for either a few sessions or more longer-term.



I offer counselling for a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, bereavement, relationship problems and issues stemming from other significant events in people’s lives. I have had over thirty years’ experience of working to support people through mental health crises, with substance abuse issues and learning disabilities.

I know how daunting it is to choose a counsellor so feel free to arrange an initial informal meeting. This may help you to decide whether it would benefit you to begin therapy and for us to work together.

After university, I first worked as an Outdoor Pursuits Instructor and then as a Teacher of English and Drama in Secondary Schools in Bradford and Leeds before training and working as an Actor for ten years. I was then employed in Social Services in London working with Adults with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health needs and addiction related problems ultimately leading me to complete an MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Simon counselling and psychotherapy

• Why choose counselling?
We go to counselling because of the way we feel.
Often it feels like we can be overwhelmed by our emotions, whether sadness or anger, fear, guilt, shame or distress. Sometimes people say that everything seems so confusing, that emotions have stopped them being able to make choices, stopped them speaking or being with others, even stopped them thinking.

• How do we do something about this?
Research has shown that an effective way to do something about the complexities that we find ourselves in is to explore them by talking about them.
By doing this they become less confusing, we can see where these feelings come from then see how best to manage them.

• How do we explore?
Counselling cannot make these feelings disappear but does allow an opportunity to revisit them, to make a different sense than the one that caused so much
distress at the beginning. Perhaps it caused so much distress because at the time it seemed to be the only sense to make.

• Relationships.
Many of these emotions that trouble us seem to stem from our habitual way of perceiving ourselves with others, the feelings that arise when we are in relationship to other people. Examining the way we feel about ourselves in relation to other people is an important first step in exploring those emotions that brought us to counselling in the first place. Exploring these in partnership with another, a counsellor, can offer an opportunity to revisit events, the background or the history that led to the feelings.

• A counsellor’s perspective.
Talking to close friends and family can help a great deal. However, most find that a different, new and impartial perspective can offer another way of making sense
of those emotions that seem to dominate.




I’m a qualified person-centred creative counsellor and registered BACP member.

I offer a safe and confidential space along with my honesty, empathic understanding and respect while we explore the difficulties that bring you to counselling.

I work to empower you to press pause and look within, to discover your own answers and support you to gain a better understanding of yourself. Together we can give some clarity to things that are causing you distress, and help you to think about how you might like things to be different to live a more fulfilling life.

I offer elements of creativity integrated within the talking therapy, only if this is an area you feel might be helpful as part of our sessions. Creativity can help provide alternative ways of exploring ourselves when words can not be found or are not enough.




I was born in Yorkshire and lived just outside of York with my family until I turned 18, and moved away to University. After graduating I went away travelling around the world as visiting other countries and learning about different cultures has always been a passion of mine. I love the sunshine, being outdoors and amongst nature – this is where I feel I can really find my inner peace.

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years and is found in many cultures around the world. It promotes a rebalance of the body and all its systems helping detoxify.  Mentally, massage is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and promote better sleep. With great understanding of how stressful and fast paced life can be it is very important for me to help individuals see the importance of self-care.

I will continue to study holistic therapies to broaden my experience and enable me to offer a wider range of treatments. 

I see myself as a very caring person who is passionate and dedicated in helping to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.


My love for massage led me to study this in many different lights from relaxing Swedish massage, slow, calming lymphatic drainage, invigorating Indian head massage to deep tissue and injury rehabilitation.

Following my college course where I gained qualifications in various ​therapies, I went on to gain my degree in sports therapy at Teesside University. This has given me the practical knowledge and understanding to provide high quality treatments with each session tailor made to suit each person’s needs.

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