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A warm welcome

Welcome to the Blue Frog Therapy Centre

A purposefully and carefully designed massage and holistic therapies wellbeing centre to enhance our award winning treatments.

Alongside his treatments, Bens objective since Blue frog therapies began in 2014 has been to offer a space that is welcoming, comfortable and encouraging of each person to relax, rebalance and restore themselves.

After 6 years that vision has expanded to a whole centre, one which is all of those things but allows a unique experience tailored to each person.

The mood is deliberate, with natural wood, neutral and calming colours, discreet lighting and with privacy and quiet in mind as well as a shared sense of space. 

Signature comfort surrounds you with many new benefits to enable and encourage each person more to enjoy their time in the Blue Frog therapy centre. 

Quiet and soundproofed to the outside hustle and bustle.  Each of the treatment rooms have been made to offer you privacy and peaceful quiet. 

Soothing facial massage
Treatment room On first floor of The Blue Frog Therapy Centre
Relaxation space at Blue Frog Therapy Centre
Fantastic treatment room in York city centre

Fully interactive lighting to complement your session as you would wish it, theres nothing standard about your treatment. 

There’s a space to relax after your session with seating that you can sit back in and be cocooned in peace and privacy. Gentle and unobtrusive sounds to help encourage the relaxing atmosphere and time offered to you to spend as you wish. 

A vanity station with a mirror and some useful tools to help you return yourself to your best and to encourage you to feel more free to embrace your session. 

Security and assurance are priority too, with door access for clients only.  The door has a keypad with a 4 digit code that will automatically unlock the door and you can simply push to enter the space, reassured you will not be disturbed during your visit.  Once you have entered, the door will automatically lock again. Your reminder email and texts will have your code so it is always close at hand. 



Some of Bens favourite therapists will be joining the centre, which you can choose to book online, or continue with Ben in his new ground floor treatment room.

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We welcome you all and look forward to your visit and the feedback we so genuinely appreciate.

If you are a self employed therapist and would like to rent a room in the Blue Frog Therapy Centre click here for more information.


Parking is available in three directions and there is a cycle lock in Millers Yard. Of the three nearby car parks (Clarence street, Bootham Row and Marygate), Marygate car park will be the place of choice to park as you only need pay on exit so staying longer than you intended couldn’t be more simple. Also the evening rate is reduced and there are a huge number of spaces. 

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