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IEMT Integral Eye Movement Therapy

from £60.00

IEMT Integral Eye Movement Therapy


What is IEMT? 

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is an effective therapy for anxiety, anger, depression, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, phobias, unwanted habits and trauma. It can create rapid change, allowing you to free yourself and move forward from the past and into a healthier, happier future. 


IEMT was developed by Andrew T. Austin and is used in many countries around the world. Eye movements and careful questioning are employed to rapidly process and discharge uncomfortable reactions to memories and change unhelpful beliefs and emotional imprints (ie how we have learned to feel or be a certain way).Moving the eyes along different axes whilst focussing on the memory or emotion accesses the different parts of the brain where those memories and emotions are stored. This, when carried out in a calm, relaxed state in a safe space, prevents the previous overwhelm in the brain, freeing it to process the memories and change the emotional attachment to them. This allows you to step out of the loop and into a new way of being, free of the distress and unhelpful reactions


from £60.00

Many clients have reported that the memory, feeling or unhelpful belief now seems more distant and they can be more objective about it. Aside from its speed and efficacy, another benefit of IEMT is that it can be carried out with no need to talk about the details as you work through the therapy; many people find this approach more comfortable if the memories are particularly painful or embarrassing. 


Can IEMT help me? 

Because of its ability to resolve long-term problems, if you’ve already tried other therapies but still feel stuck or ‘not quite there’, IEMT can help. I have found that people often try both IEMT and hypnotherapy as the ‘last resort’ but tell me they wish they’d tried it earlier. 

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