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Sonic vibration Relaxation Therapy (30 Min)


Sonic vibration Relaxation Therapy (30 Min)


Unless you have already tried it, we are sure you will never have experienced anything like it. It’s difficult to describe or share the sense of calm and peace from this session so we really do recommend it! Either as a stand alone non contact session or to finish a massage or other kind of therapy

Sonic vibration Relaxation therapy is a unique session designed and implemented by Ben, drawing from his own experience of meditation, relaxation, retreats, holidays and memories.

The session is designed to allow each person to use their own experiences and recreate them in a private space to immerse your senses and access a deep state of relaxation.

Each session begins with a warmed sonic vibration session where minute and super speed vibrations from head to toe soothe you into a state of relaxation.  This is accompanied by a deeply healing and resonating music utilising vibration as healing.  Once that finishes the immersion begins and takes you to your chosen place or into a specific healing environment.

These experiences are all unique to each person but with the inclusion of senses, the mind creates a strong link to sounds, smells and to places that when experienced recreate a deep sense of wellbeing……

Colours – temperature – sounds – smells – touch –  vibration.

Environments include but are not limited to:

Rain forest – Tropical beach – Deep in the ocean – Tibetan bowls – zen garden

See below for an example



An example: Ben spent time in a retreat centre in the mountains and wild forests of south New Zealand and has a wonderful memory of the places he sat in quiet peace, the smell and the sounds and the warmth.

The session: True directional sound recording of a rainforest complete with gentle thunder surrounds you from an augmented cushion, a gentle breeze from a humidifier carrying the smell of petrichor (the smell of damp earth after the rain), heated under blanket for the warm earth and lights gently moving to create the hue and colours of the forest canopy and floor. With your eyes closed return to that place and feeling of peace.

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