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Ensuring your confidence in the new normal

Important information for your visit (Updated 8th August):

It is now mandatory to wear a mask/ face covering during your visit. Please bring and wear one when you enter. One will be provided if you do not have one with you.

Arriving:  Please arrive as close to your start time as possible. We advise you bring your own drink, however, water and single use cups are available. Please bring as little belongings with as you are able.

There is a sanitiser you must use in the entranceway when you arrive and in each treatment room. Take a seat on the bench or wait in the entranceway and your therapist will meet you. Your therapist will take your temperature with a contactless thermometer and check that your COVID-19 form answers are still accurate, before taking you in to the treatment room if it is safe to do so. 

People who are deemed at risk or vulnerable should not make a booking until it is deemed safe to do so by the government. Here is a link to the NHS guidelines. This includes the over 70’s, pregnant women and asthmatics as well as some other underlying health conditions.

Forms: There is an additional form to fill in online or when you arrive. This form is a safeguard for Covid-19 specifically. Your therapist will also fill out this form and you will receive a copy if you request one. 

Test and trace’: The NHS has begun an initiative which ensures communication to anyone who has been in ‘close contact’ with someone who has received a positive test result for COVID-19 so that they can take necessary measures for all of our protection.

PPE: Your therapist will wear face protection during your treatment and a mask will be provided should you not have one and must be worn at all times.

Social distancing: Measures have been taken to minimise contact between clients including staggered start times for sessions with different therapists. Seating has been arranged to allow the required space and we are grateful for your considerate social distancing of 1m+ while wearing face masks/protection and while in the centre.

After your treatment: Once you are ready to leave the treatment room and have sanitised your hands you are welcome to sit in the relaxation area for a few minutes before you leave- we look forward to offering you more comforts and time in the future.

Cleaning measures: There is added time between clients so you can be assured some time to yourself, but most importantly to allow for the complete cleaning of each treatment room, all surfaces, seating, toilet and areas throughout the centre to ensure your confidence and well being. Your therapist will change their uniform or wear a protective apron and change that between each client.

Cancellations: If you get in touch and cancel your session at any point before you arrive you will not be charged. If you arrive for a session and are deemed unfit by your therapist you will be charged.  

Vouchers no longer have an expiry.  Prepaid courses will continue to be valid as before. 

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