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Facial & Holistic

Holistic facial

Enjoy an Ayurvedic facial massage complete with natural cleanser to refresh and envelope the skin. A toner is then gently applied to firm and to help improve the condition of your skin.

The thorough face and neck massage reduces toxins, clears the airways and relaxes muscles.

Finally, whilst a gently warming face mask nourishes your skin and soothes you further, a scalp and head massage will help to relieve any final tension and stress leaving you relaxed, revived and rejuvenated.

Combine with a back, neck and shoulder massage to complement your relaxation and relieve your body's tension as well.


Holistic treatments

Choose one holistic therapy for your session.

Reiki can be used when normal physical treatment is not suitable, for pain relief, relaxation and emotional stress.

Guided meditation and guided relaxation sessions include some instruction and the session concludes with a guided meditation or relaxation tailored to your situation.

Storytelling therapy takes the individual on a journey using their own symbols, metaphors or questions to help gain perspective, learn new strategies or consider a matter from a different framework.

Each holistic therapy can be combined with massage to complement your sessions effectiveness.

Holistic facial with thermal face mask
Holistic facial with thermal face mask plus 30 minute massage
30 or 60 minute Holistic therapy

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