Massage with hot stones
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60m Hot Stone Massage


Hot volcanic stones penetrate heat deep into the muscle, instantly relieving tension. Using broad massage strokes to warm and stimulate muscles, the stones are then allowed to rest on the sore areas or points of tension, allowing the warmth to penetrate deeply and soothingly.

Later, cooled marble stones focus on problem areas, stripping toxins from muscles

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Product Description

More than 40 stones in an array of sizes are shaped for specific uses and areas to improve this deeply relaxing therapy. A combination of therapeutic massage strokes and techniques are used with the stones to create a soothing massage experience.

Each session is tailored to your needs and situation.   After a consultation enabling you to discuss and talk about the reason for your treatment, your therapist will help you get the most from your session. Your consultation will not reduce your therapy time.

Different oils will be offered to suit all skin types, ranging from a plain grapeseed oil to an indulgent sweet almond oil combined with essential oils while soothing music, or silence if preferred, will further enhance your experience and the effectiveness of your session.

(24 hours notice required).